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Give Me - Kirk Franklin

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 Give me that joy I can't explain
And that your peace that'll ease my pain
I want that love that will never change
Give me that, give me that
Give me that power to walk away
When another god wants to take your place
As much of you as I can take
Give me that, give me that
Anybody ready?
Ready for his glory?
If you are sick of the life,
Let me tell you this story
Every place that's dark
He will bring it to light
Hypocrital hearts, backsliders, liars
Time to get right
See I include myself
I cast my own stone
I'm the man in the mirror y'all
I can see my wrong
But I'm here by grace
Through Christ, by faith
I had to make that choice
I had to open my mouth and say
Anybody tired?
You want the show to end
Get the actors off stage
And let church begin
Do you want a revolution?
You wanna hear a new song
God is cleaning up house
And first he's started right at home
No more miracle water,  
Brought close for money and fame
Everybody got a title
But do you know your name?
If we humble ourselves, people,
Fall on our face
And ask God everything in me that's not right  
Take it away
And I choose you today  
'Cause I need you today
I can't get away, see, there's no escape
See what You've done to me,
I'm not the same old me
You took away everything  
Now you're my everything
Give me that God  
Who breathes life into the nostrils of man
And Soverign God
Who predestined creation before time began
I want that God who in brilliance
And elegance decorated darkness with stars
The God who orchestrates the future
At the same time He knows where you are
Give me that God who's supplies my needs
'Cause He owns all the cattle on the hills
And he's the God who wipes my tears
And provides enough to pay all my bills

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