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the online bullying can be serious you NEED to read this IMPORTANT!! read and rate fav and excellent if like this

created Jan 27th 2016, 00:19 by Joseph Whittington 4



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one day i got a gmail saying this "you are the nastiest person in my life you have zits all over your face and you are so bad at many things.That probably because you don't have any friends you are really nasty... HA HA HA HA " and this message didn't make me feel good for the rest of the day  then that night i went to bed and thought i was the better one there's no way i'm going to let that bother me.   but the reason i bring this message to here is because there is a lot of online bullying even for grownups so  i thout that evan thou this is't a good example of online bullying but this is only a typing wedsite when i get a youtube account i'll post this on thar but i hope this brings a message to all the kids and grownups  and  i hope you have a good day and THANK YOU!!!       

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