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Stories of History

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A long time ago, there was only one thing in the world. That thing was Chaos. Night then emerged from Chaos and together they had Dark and Day. Dark came with Night and had Light. Dark was so furious that he kicked Light out of the family. Day found Light close to her celestial home in a nebula and invited her in. Day gave Light a change of clothes and Day was so charmed by Light’s manners that she adopted her. Light was happy to finally have a home that she gave Day a gift. She told Day that the day she wants to use it that Chaos will fall and some else will come into power. Dark recognized Light and asked sweetly to Day if Light was her daughter. Day said yes and Dark immediately asked for Light’s execution. Desperate to save her adopted daughter’s life, Day used the gift. Legendaria and Magic emerged from the gift. Legendaria fought Chaos and Magic took Light and gave Light back to Day. Day was so happy that she gave bits of her magic to Legendaria and Magic as a thank you. Magic used the bits of magic from Day to create Fire and Legendaria use the magic to create Water. Fire and Water had many children, Blizzard, Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Volcano and Cloud. Cloud, the gentlest one and Blizzard the harshest one both helped water. Blizzard and Water made Ice and Cloud and Water made Rain. Out of Chaos and Day, Earth was born. Water and Earth made Nature. Volcano had Lava and they together with Fire created the fire stone. Hurricane, Tornado, and Earthquake created the storm stone. Legendaria and Magic created the Ancient Key. They then placed the stones on the key. There are still more stones. Blizzard and Ice made the Ice Stone.
I was born of Earth and Water. I created a home in a space nebula. There, I made a greenhouse full of life. Venus Flytraps to Flowers, I was as happy as I could be. One day I went outside and there was a young girls with skin fresh and smooth. When she saw me she ran away. She was shy. One day I was watering my plants and there was a girl outside like the one that ran away. She was crying. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I went straight outside and asked her what was wrong. She refused to tell me but thanked me. I wondered what that was all about. Her name was Life. I found out that she was a daughter of Chaos and Earth. She was scared that I would be mad at her if I found out her parentage. She is basically my half sister. She also said that her mother said that she had to go away. I was so heartbroken. I helped her and treated her like my child. She was happy and she regrets saying mean things to her mother. I said that all was alright and she helped me tend my garden from that day on. I was amazed by how well she took the disinheriting I of course felt bad for her. I would have said that she had a perfect smile. She had good manners, and everything a woman should have. I visited Day one day and Life accompanied me. She was amazing all relaxed and the couple times Night came and threatened us with a knife, she took it well.

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