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Computer Proficiency Certification Test 23 October 2023

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Time and tide wait for none. This idiom is apt in present world. As the world is moving at a fast pace nobody has got time to waste. Moreover time never stops and the clock is always ticking. Therefore to save our time we should work hard every second because if once time is gone we cannot regain it. It is the most precious thing a person can have. With time everything is possible. One should have a dedication towards utilizing it. Also various successful people know how to manage their time. And that is the reason they are very successful. One can earn money by using time but you can never earn time by using money. We all know the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. This story is perfect for the idiom. Once there was a tortoise who was slow in running. He was always criticized by others for his slow pace. There was a rabbit in their community who used to run fast. Moreover everyone praised him for his speed. So to show his skills and to humiliate tortoise the rabbit challenged him for a race. The tortoise accepted the challenge because he wanted to prove himself. The race was scheduled after two days. To win the race the rabbit practiced hard. He started celebrating his victory beforehand. The tortoise was very humble. He had never thought of winning the race. Yet he was eager to give his best. So the race started on the third day of the challenge. Everyone knew that the rabbit would win. Therefore the rabbit was overconfident of himself. The rabbit ate a lot before the race thinking he will win the race even if he walks. But the tortoise had a determination to give his best. After some time the race started. The tortoise was very slow but he kept on moving. On the other hand the rabbit was running at a very fast pace. Therefore he was able to reach half the distance of the race track within a few minutes. After reaching that distance he thought that he should take rest. So he lied down under a tree to take a little rest. But soon he went to sleep without realizing because he had eaten so much food before the race. While he was sleeping the tortoise constantly moved with time. Neither did he stop nor did he take any rest. Thus he was able to cross the rabbit while he was sleeping. When he was about to reach the finish line the rabbit woke up. He rushed towards the finish line. But it was too late till then. The tortoise was much ahead than him. So he crossed the finished line in the first place. The rabbit cried after losing the race. While the tortoise was celebrating the victory. After reading the story one must be sure that time and tide wait for none. Because the tortoise worked hard and utilized the time so he was able to succeed in the race. Our life is like this
as well. In order to achieve success we must work hard with time. Moreover we should always utilize our time in the best manner. Only then we will be able to achieve success in our life. So spend time wisely.

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