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Although there was no doubt about the woman, she was not ready to give her head to the women. In this case, he liked his oldfashioned way. When Bibi is tightly dotted, she believes that the color is touched by hand. The disaster was that the inlaws were also going to celebrate Holi. The old muscle is Sister inside and brother Alexander. He could not think of any way to avoid the attack of these Sikandars. Friends could not go home; But who can stop Sikandar?
The woman closed her eyes and said  Brother! Will you really bring color home? What kind of Holi is this Baba Silbil climbed up and said  Just once, I said it and I do not like to repeat it. Will there be any color in the house and no one will touch it? I feel nauseous seeing red splashes on clothes. Similar Holi takes place in our house. The woman bowed her head and said  So dont bring color what do I have to do with the color? When you dont touch the color, how can I touch Sylbil said delightedly  this is undoubtedly the religion of a sadhvi woman. But brother, we are coming. Why would he agree?  I have thought of a solution for them too. It is your job to make it successful. I will become ill I will lie down wearing a sheet. You say they have fever Bus Lets leave. The woman closed her eyes and said  A young man; What things do you get out of your mouth? If fever comes to Mudvais house, when I come here, I will scorch my face. Then what is the other way? You hide in a small cell above, I will say, they have made laxatives. If you come out, it will blow. Panditji blossomed, thats all, its the best. 1389 is the day of Holi. There is an outcry. Apart from Abir and Gulal, no color was played in the olden days. Now blue, green, black all the colors are mixed and it is not possible for man to avoid this organization. Yes, gods escape. Both of Silbils brothers were targets of men, women, children and old men across the locality. The walls, walls, even pictures of the outside walls were colored. The situation was the same at home. When did the rivers of the neighborhood accept goodness? Till the Paranala had become colored. The elder brother asked  Rei Champa, is his health really not good? Did not even come to eat food.  Champa bowed his head and said  Brother, some pain started in the stomach since night. The doctor has refused to go into the air.

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