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In ancient times there was an emotional connection between nature and humans. Human beings used to receive the gifts of nature with a very grateful spirit. Damaging any element of nature was considered a sin. Unlimited exploitation of nature started as a result of increasing population and material development. From the land, we have immense mineral wealth, diesel, Withdrawing petrol etc. devastated the womb of the earth By cutting down trees human society naked the earth. The wildlife became homeless due to deforestation of wildlife. Due to the unlimited industrialization, the continuously churning fireplaces made the atmosphere toxic and lifeless. Our holy rivers have now taken the form of dirty sewers. Due to the water in the rivers, the fish and other aquatic animals living in it are dying year after year. The increasing noise pollution is having a fatal impact on the ear screens. The use of deadly chemical fertilizers is constantly making the land unusable. The outbreak of acid rain on the earth is gradually increasing and the snow of the mountains is melting due to the constant temperature which is threatening the existence of the earth.  Environmental pollution today exists in various deadly forms that are challenging the existence of human civilization. The situation has come so far that the future of the world is in danger. The main forms of environmental pollution are as follows.
Human beings have received a free gift from nature and that is  Vayu. This gift is the basis of all beings. Even if man spends some time without food and without water, he cannot survive even ten minutes without air. It is a matter of great concern that the life-giving air of nature is becoming increasingly poisonous. Unlimited expansion of cities, increasing industrialization, continuous increase in means of transport and luxury goods eg air conditioners, refrigerators etc. are continuously promoting air pollution.
An air that is free from harmful ingredients is called pure air. The main constituents of air are nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. In addition to the above, sparse gases like argon or neon are also found in the atmosphere. The concentration of major gases in the atmosphere is as follows. In the modern era, many harmful gases are getting mixed in the atmosphere due to chimneys, growing vehicles and other reasons of industries, which include sulfur dioxide, carbon mono oxide, various oxides of nitrogen, chloro fluoro carbon and formaldehyde. Apart from this, lead lead, half hydrocarbons and toxic smoke coming out of the vehicles running on the roads are also polluting the atmosphere continuously. This imbalance of the atmospheric atmosphere is called 'air pollution. Due to excessive air pollution, the sky now appears brown. The deforestation of trees that absorb toxic air is continuously.

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