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Everyone has the right to be appointed in the jobs under the state without any discrimination. In this right, untouchability has been abolished and it has been declared a punishable offense. Except for military and educational titles, all other titles and titles have been abolished. There is an exception under this that the government will provide special facilities to children, women, scheduled castes, tribes, backward castes. Freedom of trade, livelihood and business. 6. Freedom to settle and reside in any part of India. All these freedoms are necessary for human development. The government can limit these rights in the interest of morality, public order in the interest of prosperity and integrity of the country.
It is an important provision in the constitution that no person can be compelled to testify against himself. Unless a person has committed the offense of contravention of any law, he cannot be deprived of life or property. Before arresting any person it is necessary to tell the reason thereof. It is mandatory for every person to be produced before the nearest Magistrate within 24 hours of his arrest. Such a person is given an opportunity to present his case in person and through his lawyer. The Constitution has also taken care that the liberty of an individual should not be taken away unjustifiably.
If there is a matter of unity, integrity, peace, security of the country, then it is not necessary to produce the person to be imprisoned before the magistrate within 24 hours. This is called detention. Normally a person cannot be placed under house arrest for more than 3 months. For longer detention, the matter has to be placed before the Board appointed as per the recommendation of the High Court. It means physical presence. If there are not sufficient reasons against the person imprisoned, he may be released. It means: We order that when any government department or officer does not perform public duties, resulting in the violation of fundamental rights, the Court may, by this article, order the officer to perform the duty.

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