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We test the purity of gold by touching it on a touchstone: similarly the great qualities of mind and heart are tested on the touchstones of adversities, calamities, the slings and arrows of an outrageous fortune. Shakespear heroes no more remain heroes if all struggle that they put in against adverse forces which are too much for them is taken out of their lives. There would have been no Hamlet if he had all the comforts and luxuries and all that riches could give. He was raised to the stature that he displayed because of the great qualities of mind and heart that were duly tested in the fire  of calamity.  
If all of us lead easy and normal live, there would be no romance left in life our great qualities  would not shine, they would rust out and as Dickens said, Much better to wear out than rust our. Much better to die doing. This is what makes a difference between man and man. Countless human beings have been born and died on this earth but except a few all rusted out, no one knows about them, They were not known beyond the circle of their friends and relatives. No poems were written in praise of them and when they died their dirges might have been sung but they did not catch the ear of people beyond a certain distance.  
Only those who have had to face the hard side of life have shown and lighted the path to others. They are a beacon light to others. If we have a real grit and girth let not words proclaim them, let the of calamity test them. If we succumb to the first onslaught of an outrageous fortune or cry or whine on its approach, then certainly we are no better than ordinary mortals. If we welcome these unwelcome forces, struggle against and overcome them then really we have somethingand overcome them then really we have something of value which we can be proud of.

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