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श्री बागेश्‍वर अकादमी टीकमगढ़ (म.प्र) मों-6232538946

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If your child is old enough, it might be helpful to discuss a story in-depth after they finish reading it. Stories have power, and they can prove to be teachable moments. Moral stories such as the popular thirsty crow story or the greedy dog story in English can teach our kids important life lessons. These discussions also offer an opportunity for you to bond with your kids.  
There are plenty of moral stories in English rich with benefits for kids. They activate your child’s imagination, entertain them, and make them happy. Short moral stories are ideal for maintaining their attention and keeping them focused during the entire story.There once was a boy who grew bored while watching over the village sheep. He wanted to make things more exciting. So, he yelled out that he saw a wolf chasing the sheep. All the villagers came running to drive the wolf away. However, they saw no wolf. The boy was amused, but the villagers were not. They told him not to do it again. Shortly after, he repeated this antic. The villagers came running again, only to find that he was lying. Later that day, the boy really sees a  the flock. He jumped up and called out for help. But no one came this time because they thought he was still joking around. At sunset, the villagers looked for the boy. He had not returned with their sheep. They found him crying. He told them that there really was a wolf, and the entire flock was gone. An old man came to comfort him and told him that nobody would believe a liar even when they are being honest.
However, the best moral stories in English teach your children universal truths. Reading the same moral stories to them repetitively will help them to  themselves with the story and its moral lesson. The best part about moral stories is that they can teach your kid life lessons in a fun and easy way.
Short moral stories for kids are the best way to teach valuable life lessons to kids. It is a fun and easy way through which children can understand complex concepts. Short stories work well as they’re just long enough for your child to concentrate.

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