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Power and Conflict Poetry Quotations 3/3

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act of stealth
troubled pleasure
Small circles glittering idly in the moon
heaving through the water like a swan
huge peak, black and huge.
Towered up between me and the stars
trembling oars
dim and undetermined sense
Anaphora of no
huge and mighty forms
do not live Like living men
trouble to my dreams.
legs it
probably armed, possibly not
myself and somebody else and somebody else
sort of inside out
image of agony
tosses his guts
carted off
blood-shadow stays
the drink and the drugs won't flush him out
here... when I close my eyes
not... in some distant, sun-stunned, sand-smothered land
bloody life in my bloody hands
Paper that lets in the light
could alter things
If buildings were paper... easily they fall away on a sigh... of the wind
The sun shines through their borderlines
might fly our lives like paper kites
let the daylight break through... the shapes that pride can make
living tissue... never meant to last
spasms of red... blockade of yellow bias
Sellotape bandaged around my hand
steeled the softening of my face
words flattened, rolled, turned into felt, slowly melting
like a treasure chest
released a song bird from its cage
reinforcements of scarf, gloves
your playground voice catching on the wind
Our brains ache
merciless iced east winds that knive us
Worried by silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous
What are we doing here?
shivering ranks of grey
Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence
cringe in holes
love of God seems dying
half-known faces
eyes are ice
But nothing happens.

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