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Once a gentleman was traveling in a train. He felt thirsty and got down at a station in search of water. No sooner had he reached the water tap than the engine whistled and started. He ran back but missed the train.
It was getting darker and he decided to spend the night at the station.
The next morning he enquired about the next train. He came to know that the next train was on the other day.
So he decided to find a place for a day's stay. He went to the nearby lodges to ask for a room but found none. It was getting darker and he could not find a room.
At last he reached a small hut. He asked the owner of the hut whether he could stay in his house for a day. The owner readily agreed. That day the owner served him food and gave him a room to stay. But did not ask nor expected anything in return.
At night when it did strike seven in the clock, the gentleman heard a knock at the door. The villager opened the door. The gentleman saw that a man dressed in gaudy and rich clothes entered the hut and demanded the owner to pay his debts.
The gentleman came to know that the villager was in need of money. The next morning he slipped a packet in the drawer of the room and left.
When the villager came to know about the packet, he saw that there was a note addressed to him, it read "You helped me but did not expect anything from me. Yesterday I heard the conversation between you and the stranger and came to know that you were in need of money. This is what you need

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