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The Journey of the Snail

created May 11th, 16:22 by Marlon López



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Once upon a time, there was a little snail named Gaston. Gaston lived in a garden, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. However, unlike his speedy friends, Gaston was slow. Very slow.
One day, Gaston decided he wanted to change his life. He set out to overcome his limitations and become the fastest snail in the world. But how could he achieve that?
First, Gaston enrolled in typing classes. Despite his friends’ mockery, he persisted. His tiny antennae gracefully moved across the keyboard, and gradually, his words began to flow faster.
Second, Gaston adopted a special diet. He ate lettuce leaves and carrots—foods that gave him energy to type nonstop. His friends were amazed to see him devouring letters on the screen.
Third, Gaston practiced every day. He sat in front of his computer and wrote stories about adventurous snails. His tales were funny and full of hope.
One day, Gaston entered a typing contest. His friends laughed, but he remained unfazed. His antennae moved skillfully, and the words poured out like a whirlwind. Gaston won first place!
Since then, Gaston became an example of personal growth. His typing speed inspired other snails to pursue their dreams. And so, little Gaston proved that even the slowest can achieve great things

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