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Learning English Through Short Stories (The first story: The Key)

created May 6th, 20:01 by Lord Black



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I'm late today and I have to leave for work very quickly; I am jumping into my car. As I turn onto the freeway, I'm suddenly not sure if I took my door key with me. I'm touching my bag. "My God! I forgot my key," I say aloud.
I make a u-turn and drive back as fast as I can. I park my car right in front of my door, although it's not normally where one is allowed to park or to stop a car. I live on the third floor and still run up the stairs hoping to get away with it. I'm looking for the key in my apartment but I can not find it right away. After a few minutes, I come to the realization: I had left the key in my jacket! I'm running downstairs back to the car. I'm looking key around. Where's my car? In the distance I see a tow truck pulling my car off.  

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