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Abhorrence Abundance Accelerate Accession Acquaintance Acquiescence  
Agricultural Alleviation Archaeology Argument Ascent Assassination Barrier Counsel
Courier Blasphemy Bureaucrat Category Chancellery Cigarette Colonel Comparative
Competition Compulsory Concession Diarrhoea Diabetes Dinosaur Diphtheria Dumbbell
Dyeing Dysentary Endeavour Entrepreneur Fulfil Grievance Hallucination Heterogeneous  
Humorous Jewellery Laboratory License Machinery Marriage Millionaire Millennium
Miscellaneous Misspell Moustache Occasion Ophthalmologist Parallel Parliament  
Perseverance Pharmaceutical Placard Recommend Reconciliation Relevant Reminiscence  
Remittance Repetition Restaurant Rhythm Satellite Secretariat Separate Sovereignty  
Spontaneous Supercilious Supersede Transparency Tremendous Trespass Tsunami Versatile
Whisper Hierarchy Bureaucrat Nervous collision Rolfe Itinerary Awkward Exaggerate
Acquisition Warranty Constellation Nominee Occurrence
Example is better than precept.  
Silence gives consent.
The padma bridge built with own funding is our pride.
The child shows the man , as the morning shows the day.
If the mother is educated, her child will be educated.
The freedom fighters are the pride of our country.
The sadarghat is to the south of dhaka.
The moon has no light of its own.
Hazrat omar (R) was a just ruler.
Cooking pot is set on the furnace.
We should not waste our time in vain.
I  am sitting for job examination.
we are the responsibility to implement the dream of the father of the nation.
whatever halim does, the family behind him.
If the fog is thick, the plane will not take off.
He set out on foot.
The convict will be hanged tomorrow.
Will he have got this news?
Heroic freedom fighter.
Riches do not last long.
Brevity is the soul of wit.
sweet are the uses of adversity.
As a farmer sows, so he will reap.
Japan is situated to the east of our country.
I like the reading of poetry.
Time fleets.
As men want so do they get.
He accused the man of stealing.
At present, the suppply of hilsa has been risen.
The UNESCO proclaimed february 21 as international mother language day.
The boy wanders about in the street.
I caught him by the ear.
The saree with you is very beautiful.
The price of rice looking up.
I can't spare an instant.
She is not the girl to tell a lie.
I wish you all success.
He helps me through thick and thin.
The examination will begin in a day or two.
He dreamt a dream.
At last the theif surrendered himself.
He has falllen on evil days.
The beauty a flower charms all.
He worked out the sum.
He is dead against me.
The man is not so helpless as he seems to be.
He comes of a respectable family.
Two makes company, three is none.
We live in deed not in years.
To make a mess of things.
Bangladesh has her own national flag.
Since when has it been raining?
The winter has set in.
The rains have set in.
The bird of passage flew south for the winter.
You should not raise a storm in a cup on this matter.
Everybody knows his achilles heel.
My car always acts up in cold weather.
I agreed to do the work against the grain.
All along i was present in the morning.   
He spend money lavishly now he is all but ruined.
He is all in all in the family.
Be patient, emily! All in good time.
It is all the same to me whether you come or not.
Bribary is an open question Among the common people.
with so many problems around, life is anything but a bed of rose.
He could not pass in the examination as a result of his laziness.
As a rule, i go to bed at 10 pm.
The factory has been at a dead lock.
He was at a loss and did not know what to do.
At any cost i shall help you.
Birds fly at large in the sky.
He came to meeting at length.
He left the place at once.
your statement is at my finger's end.
The cuckoo sings at advent of spring.
At the outset of the latter take my salam.
He made the best of a bad bargain.
Do not beat about the bush come to the point.
The fox beat the air as it could not reach the grapes.
You should not wake him up from his beauti sleep.
You should try again because it better late than never.
I dont know what to do now as i am between two fires.
His success pleased his parents beyond measure.
He bade adieu to his family yesterday.
He bids fair to be a good teacher.
The patient may bite the ground any moment.
Losing my way i entered a blind alley.
He dedicate himself body and soul in the pursuit of knowledge.
The news of his fathers death came to him as a bolt from the blue.
Bon voyage! Have a nice trip.
Read the bottom line of the paragraph.
He earns his bread and butter by means of honest labour.
you should break the ice.
I could see she was in a brown study.
He will come here by and by.
By and large he gets a good salary.
He is by far the best boy in the class.
By no means i will allow these guys.
By the by i came to know that he was ill.
Don't call bad name of others.
No one can call  his honesty in question.
I'm getting a bit tired now, let's call it a day.
I have call the day just now.
She studied law and was called to the bar in 2022.
Man's indomitable energy has led him to carry out dangerous task.
The magician cast a spell over the audience.
I know him very well he is a chip of the old block.
I came across him yesterday.
The result of the study have come into question.
Our team will surely come off with flying colours.
He complied with my request.
The army mounted a coup d'etat.
The smaller street criss cross a grid pattern.
The factory was set at the end of cul de sac.
He knows how to curry favour with officers.
He enjoys the cut and thrust of party politics.
Violence is on increase day in day out.
I have de facto independence to speak truth.
They died in the last ditch to defend our country.
Please help me do up my books.
They are suffering a lot in dog days.
I visit his house even and anon.
He is a ex-officio member of the committee.
If she lies to me, she'll just have to face the music.
I reached the station fag end.  
She won the election fair and squire.
I hate fair weather friends.
He fell in a victim to circumstances.
Her face fell at the news.
My advice fell flat on him.
Generally co-wives fall out with each other.
The manner of the student is far from satisfactory.
The member of the inquiry committee threw a flood of light on the case.
The poor boy stopped his study for a time.
Rica is a staple food for many asian countries, for instance Bangladesh.
An advocate should have the gift of the gab.
She burst into tears and gave vent to her sorrows.
He went over the account.  
He never goes through his text book.
He is a green horn person.
Her grand father is hale and hearty.
I'd give up work given half a chance.
We should work hand in glove with them.
I can't answer your question, I have bigger fish to fry.
The two leaders had a heart to heart discussion over the issue.
He hit the root for your misconduct.
His explanation will not hold the water.
She was struck in a rut at her old job.
He has to do the duties of an accountant in a addition to peon.
Get the airport in good time.
He stood before us in sack cloth and ashes.
I reached the station in the nick of time.
He came out successful in the teeth of all opposition.
The police came in the wake of the accident..
The custom is not in vogue now.
He could not succeed by irony of fate.
Try keep up with ICT.
Parents keep their child watch and ware.
I am waiting in reference to your job application.
The bomb laid the city centre to waste.
Thousands of people lined up to buy tickets on.
The boy longs for a mobile phone.
He is too long in the tooth to take his stressful job.
Many young of our country are at a loose end.
The criminal made a clean breast of the matter.
I made after my father yesterday.
It is admitted on all hands  that dr.yunus is a great economist in our country.
In your answer, you have written much that was out of place.
Out of the blue, she announced that she was leaving.
I live in an out of the way place.
False friend are available in plamy days.
I told him point blank that i could not agree.
We should not depend on your pot luck.
This project will cost a pretty penny.
We should pay attention the rank and file of the country.
The salt of the earth are ever be remenbered.
He is too poor to have a squire of meal everyday.
He took for granted you have done this work.
The plane touched down on schedule.
He was told time and again, not to do it.
He come to our house with a view to meeting me.
It is worth my while to see the museum.
Dr.Moahammad shahidullah was well up in bengali language.

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