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Aryan was a senior manager in a multinational company. He had a record that his team was always one of the best teams of the company. Aryan's team was considered to be the best not only in work but also in mutual coordination and personal progress. All the members of Aryan's team considered Aryan like a member of their family. The company decided that Aryan should be specially honored. A big program was organized for this. Invitations were sent to all the senior officers of the company. Aryan's team was specially invited to share their experiences with everyone. Also all the big level managers of the company were called. So that they can learn something from Aryan's life. Aryan was very gentle. When he was called on the stage to be honored, and he was asked what is the thought that fills so much energy in you and your team. Aryan said, Today I tell you about my life experience. My childhood has been very simple. My mother used to do cleaning work in the house of others. And my father used to work on a daily basis . However, he never let anything fall in my studies or any need. Nor have I ever missed anything.  
I remember, one day I got burnt to cook bread, I was sitting and watching how who eats? As if there was no effect on the father he picked up the bread and started eating it after tasting the vegetable with great pleasure. Mother saw and said sorry, today the bread has been burnt in a hurry. Father said, I like burnt roti more and it also has taste. When the mother left, I asked my father, do you really like burnt bread? Father said that today your mother was very tired. And if you want to eat burnt bread, then one day I will not get sick by eating burnt bread. But your mother will be able to sleep peacefully. Friends, I taught on the same day that every one of us lacks within us. Every one of us makes mistakes sometime. But instead of highlighting those mistakes, we should work to improve, if we become one another's strength, then we can create a better tomorrow.

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