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These days, many people are overwhelmed by their busy lives. They are feeling the pressure from work, family life, and other activities.As a result, they feel stressed and anxious. They know they need to relax, but they do not know how. The good news is that dealing with stress is a lot simpler than you might think. One of the simplest and most effective methods for stress relief is relaxation meditation. It is a term to describe several types of meditation. Its purpose is to help you relax your body and mind, in order to relieve stress and anxiety.To do relaxation meditation, you can listen to some slow relaxing music or the sounds of nature, such as ocean waves. You can also do a body scan wherein you need to sit quietly, concentrate on each body part and relax your muscles in the process. If done regularly, relaxation meditation can prove to be one of the most effective methods for stress relief. It can completely relax a stressed out person in just one session. Hence, practicing relaxation meditation is an effective way to avoid the health consequences of chronic stress. It will improve your mental abilities, such as concentration, memory, analytical thinking, and creativity. Furthermore, relaxation meditation will improve your mood, which will lead to better interactions with your loved ones. Here is how you can practice relaxation meditation.Guided imagery. The most popular form of relaxation meditation for stress relief is the guided imagery. This form of relaxation meditation consists of relaxing music and sounds of nature that guide a person to embark on an imaginary journey. It usually starts with a little mindful breathing, followed by a body scan to physically relax your body. Then the meditation focuses on relaxing your mind by taking you to an imaginary place that is comfortable and happy. The meditation generally uses a countdown to get you to this place and includes a set of affirmations to help you relax. Once you reach the imaginary safe space, you normally stay there for a short period of time to let your body and mind relax. After a while, the voice will slowly guide you back to where you started. Moving meditation. This form of meditation describes a variety of different movements that are used for stress relief, for example, yoga. The best thing about moving meditation is that it helps you stay physically active. Most of the experts recommend people to practice moving meditation when they are too restless to sit still. One can either do a combination of both moving and sitting meditation, or an entire session of moving meditation. Both methods are considered to be the best for relaxation. Relaxation meditation guided by self. Some people are more inclined to do their own relaxation meditation. What they generally do is start out with a body scan, where they consciously relax the muscles in each body part. After completing the body scan, they may then sit quietly for a few minutes, following their breathing. They often play some relaxing music in the background. So, start enjoying a happy life with meditation.

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