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Once time ago a village Lalas small shop which had everything needed turned into the largest department store. Nirmal Singhs Khokha standing along the main road where tea and pakoda used to be kept in the platter in winter and in the summer Mathkar lassi was also drunk from churns there was a pucca shop. Tea machine was installed. And crates of cold drinks started coming. The company also installed a fridge. Malarams paan basket which used to house homemade khaini now turned into a shop. Dont know how many types of glass started hanging in the shop. A bank also opened its small branch in the Panchayat building. As soon as the sarpanch was signed the loan was available on easy installments.
The farmer and his wife who used to break the branches of neem and acacia have started changing their brush and paste after watching advertisements on TV every month. Bath soap also started to be used in many ways. Washing machines came to many homes even when electricity supply was not good. A dairy also opened. Income increased in a few houses but the need increased in every household. Now people stopped giving milk whey when guests arrived. Because they have her when guests came they would ask for cold drink. Or put salty in packets with tea.
 Many farm laborers left the village and moved to the city. Because if you want to live like urban now then it would be better to live in the city. The work also stays there throughout the year. What will you do while staying in the village when whey does not meet any house At the time of elections the mla of that region termed the village as an ideal village and said
It was only due to the liberal policy of our government. Now our rural brothers do not have to run for work. Banks arrive at their door and come to give loans. This time too if you give our party a chance to form a government then every village around it will become an ideal village.

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