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Definition of Profession
Profession is that occupation in which individual
possess special knowledge.
Profession include all those activities which requires
special knowledge and skills to be applied by
Such activities are generally subjected to guidelines
or code of conduct laid down by professional
bodies. Such as doctors, lawyers, teachers.
Characteristics of Profession
Well defined Knowledge: Profession requires a professional
degree in a relevant field. Example, Medical degree for
doctors, teaching degree for teacher.
Code of Conduct: Every profession has the code of conduct
as dress code, timing which is formulated by the concerned
professional association and this code of conduct should be
followed by the professionals.
Service Motive: Profession should keep service to the people
as main motive. For any profession getting fee or earning
profit should not be the first priority.
Restricted Entry: Only those persons who have acquired
relevant knowledge and skills can enter a profession.
Anyone like in business cannot enter profession.
So, profession is a job, or what you do for a living.
An occupation that requires considerable training
and specialized study.
A paid occupation, that involves prolonged training
and a formal qualification. A person who does job
which requires expertise, skills, self regression and
results for the good of the society.
A job that needs a high level of training or
It is a type of job that requires advanced training
and education.
It refers to that economic activity which is
conducted by a person having some special
Every profession is known as Occupation but not
every occupation is known as profession.

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