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Adversity is the test of character. The weak and the infirm break into pieces and are grinded to powder in the mill of adversity. But the real man who has real strength of character emerges out as an even stronger and firmer creation of God. We learn to suffer with dignity and forbearance so that we become noble and brave. Pursued and persuaded by adversity we learn to fight and face the world alone without relying on fair weather friends. It is adversity that keeps the human in us alive. In days of hay and sunshine we are apt to get lost in the glory and honour and grow indifferent to human feelings and sufferings. But when adversity strikes we learn to be humble and sympathetic. Perseverance can change failure into success. Favourable and adverse situations should not be taken as separate concepts. These are mutually dependent and can be as fruitful as harmful. The harmful effects can be nullified through mental reconditioning. A wise man treats all situations with equanimity. Thus it is only in times of adversity that a human soul transcends and rises above the mundane forms of life. It makes the soul sublime because prosperity easily brings in vice but it is adversity that discovers the virtue. No matter how detestable and disagreeable adversity seems to people yet the poet tells us that adversity is not without any use. The experiences from a shallow perspective may seem bitter during adverse times yet the poet tells us that its uses are sweet. Life would be dull and uninteresting without shades and hues of different colours. Night follows day and winter is followed by spring likewise the cycle of life also varies. Where there are deep valleys there are peaks as well. Ups and downs and pleasure and pain make the warp and woof of life. It is the sunshine and the cloudy days that make life interesting and worth living. Difficulties disappear when they are faced boldly. They are like thieves who run for their lives when confronted. Everest was conquered by people who faced dangers on their way but persisted to reach the summit. Great people like Socrates had to suffer a lot but they did not refrain from following their ideologies. Some of the most famous books in history were penned in jail or difficult circumstances. Discovery of America by Columbus was an arduous task but he did not bow down before the dangers that the route threw on him. Prosperity harbours good fortune and great number of friends but adversity has its own uses in life. It is easy to stand on a pulpit to preach sermons on various virtues during the time of prosperity. But it is the storm of adverse times and circumstances that tests the real calibre and strength of a person. Adversity acts like a furnace or a kiln which tests and tries gold to make it purer and better by separating dross from it. It is adversity that teaches us to be patient and strong. It is only when we have to fight the circumstances that we turn to the best capacities and abilities in us. It is adversity that tests our will power and determination. It teaches us virtues of fortitude and forbearing. It also stretches our limits.

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