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Role of teachers This initiative of the Education Ministry is welcome that under the new education policy, the state governments will have to guarantee that they will not employ teachers in non-academic work. It is possible that on the request and orders of the Union Education Ministry, the state governments will agree to not employ teachers in non-academic work, but they will be able to guarantee this only if they take the help of other departments for those works. Which are still handed over to the teachers. For a long time, it has been said by the Union Ministry of Education, various High Courts, Education Boards and teachers' organizations that teachers should not be used in non-academic work, but the result has been disappointing. The truth is that as the emphasis continued that teachers should not be engaged in other work, the trend of using them for work other than teaching continued. This situation prevailed in almost all the states of the country. The reason for this is that assigning non-academic work to teachers has become a tradition. Should it be expected that on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, the state governments will come forward to guarantee that teachers will not be entrusted with any other responsibilities other than teaching? This is an unanswered question at present, but the state governments will have to give a positive answer to it. Employing teachers in other tasks other than education is a way of deliberately ignoring the importance of education.

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