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Tainted politics It is welcome that the Supreme Court is ready to hear the petition demanding that the culprits be banned from forming a political party and becoming office bearers of any party. Although the Supreme Court did not consider the need to hear this petition immediately, but it is expected that it will consider it seriously and do something so that leaders convicted in any criminal case do not hold office in any party. Neither will they be able to form their own political party. Making such a system is necessary because there are many leaders who, even after being convicted, continue to hold some position in their party or have formed their own political party. This is nothing but behind-the-scenes politics by convicted leaders. His activism only serves to sabotage efforts to stop the criminalization of politics. It is true that such leaders cannot contest elections, but they do work to influence politics by being active in it. Many times such leaders become leaders of a particular party and decide its customs and policies. Similarly, they also try to earn people's sympathy by spreading false propaganda that they were deliberately implicated in a false case out of political vendetta.

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