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 Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir,
the House is very well aware that the Union
Budget is a resource allocation exercise.
Shri Arun Jaitley has exactly reflected the
commitments made in the Address and
given a roadmap as to how the
Government is planning to fulfil those
commitments through his Budget in the
coming years. I also take this opportunity
to congratulate him for meticulously
balancing the corporate sector, on the one
hand, and the social sector, on the other.
And, if I may say so, it tilts a bit towards
social sector which is welcomed and
appreciated by one and all. And, I repeat
here what the hon. Prime Minister has said
about the Budget. He said that it is
progressive, positive, practical, pragmatic
and prudent. One of the Opposition leaders
said that the Budget is Dhanwapsi i.e.,
giving money back to corporates. I only
wish to tell him that it is not Dhanwapsi, it
is Janwapsi i.e., return of people to the fold
of NDA. And, the return of these Jan
indicates the confidence they have in our
Government for Achhe Din.

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