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When  Arthur  woke up he is completely shocked and surprised because he clearly remembered his death.
He don't know what is going on and like in the novels he remembered the memories of the body he is residing in .
Unlike other stories where the hero died due to betrayal , assassination or saving someone ,his death is quite funny as he remembered about it .He is an orphan and was good in fighting and is always gloomy and lonely .He always feels that his life is so boring and did various jobs and has many hobbies and we can say that he almost excels in everything He changed his jobs like changing clothes and wants something fun but he can't find it .The only thing he feels good is eating and sleeping and the truth is that he is lazy means very very and very lazy
He suddenly died because . . . . he choked on a strawberry ice cream , quite funny isn't it .  
Now he remembered about this boy's memory. This boy's name is Aldwin Rodger ,the third son of the rodger family and he is quite a transparent person in his memory and is like an unwanted son as his performance is always poor unlike his siblings. Quite similar to the stories read online right but obviously not. The truth is that it is the pov of the outsiders like us , but the truth is he is ceo , the headmaster and many more . You may ask then why he is described as an unfavourable person the truth is very very simple it is that he is very lazy and is uninterested almost in everything and likes to be a bystander like a cannon fodder he is not a hero not a villain even less likely to be a cannon fodder and not likely to be a transparent person he is somewhat a different personality not one in the millions but one in a universe nobody can understand him even the one writing it ,like me. Now that our Arthur is here what do you think he will do? of course he will just leave it he doesn't like something complex to think and what he wanted to do is to live like a salted fish as he did everything in his previous life and that's it... (just for fun )

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