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I hope your studies are going smooth and you are enjoying your academic year in terms of the extra cocurricular activities. There is a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the young generation of today. It is good to be a part of sports and other cultural activities that take place in our school but it is also important to develop a good reading habit.
So the reason behind paying a visit to your classroom is not only to discuss your concerns but also to encourage you in developing your reading habits. It is often said that books are our best friends and it is indeed true because the knowledge that we derive from reading books will remain with us forever intact and help us in our personal as well as professional growth. I dont see many students visiting library and reading books there which I see as a major cause of concern. The habit of reading books is very important because it will help you become a better person. If nothing more than at least read biographies of legendary people whose lives are a source of inspiration for others and can also inspire you in profound ways.
Other than being a source of inspiration books also give us knowledge. Despite the fact that technology has changed our lives in many ways and of course the way we read it has also better enabled us to easily reach out to diverse sources of knowledge with the help of reading.
We must note that book reading transports us to a different world altogether where we come across people with different languages and cultures from all over the world. While reading different characters we become one of them and try to relate with them in many ways. Whatever we read we of course try to take out the best from them and different places such as Middle East Asia Europe America Africa and the list just goes on. Our minds also get exposed to humongous amount of knowledge that lies bare in books and which helps us connect with deep thinkers as well as a variegated mix of emotional hues.
Not only knowledge but we also derive entertainment from reading books. Short stories novels travelogues poems and even comic books provide us with thorough entertainment. It also relaxes our mind because we then leave our worries behind and become one with that virtual world. Most importantly it engages our mind in a way that perhaps no other medium does. Reading ignites our imagination and we become cocreators of that virtual world so much so that we also start animating stories in our minds. Believe it or not but this is indeed a healthy exercise for our brain.
I therefore urge all my students to inculcate this habit of book reading and make the most of your time.

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