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Peer Pressure can be a huge problem for some young adults. It can sometimes be positive but most of the time its negative and destructive. Depending on the persons social group peer pressure represents social influences that affect adolescents. The stress of wanting to belong can lead to reckless behaviour. Peer Pressure has been blamed for adolescent behaviours ranging from choice in clothing to drug usage. The need for parental guidance is at an all time high. Parents need to play a role in preparing their child for dealing with the pressures the face from their peers. Peers influence your life just by spending time with you. You may not even realise it. You learn from them and they learn from you. It is only human nature to listen to and learn from other people in your age group. Peer pressure is defined as the social pressure by members of peer group to take a certain action and adopt certain values or otherwise conform in order to be accepted. Teenage is that phase of life when you are exposed to the world outside. These are the years when you spend most of your time with your friends. Teenage is the phase of beginning to become independent in life and the years of forming your ideals and principles. These years shape your personality and the years that introduce you to your own self. Peer pressure faced during this time can have long lasting effects if not averted at the right time Peer Pressure can lead to a variety of issues all of which can have devastating effects. From the social learning perspective it is found that experimental smoking is primarily a function of peer role modelling that leads youth to expect positive physical and social consequences from smoking. It is also discovered that one of the most important reasons of teenage drug usage is peer pressure which has the devastating effect of depression. Some teens feel an enormous pressure to fit in. This may not seem like an important thing as adults but to them it is more important than a lot of things. Teens will do just about anything to fit in with the group they are seeking acceptance in. Loneliness is a feeling many teens go through. Teens sometimes abuse drugs to pass their time because they are lonely. For a parent with a child suffering with teen depression it is imperative that the parent becoming involved in the life of their child. There are ways to fight peer pressure even if it seems extremely strong and irresistible. Confidence in self and inner strength to stand firm and walk away are essential character traits to avoid the ills of peer pressure. It is essential to judge the results of a deed before getting involved in it. One should always prioritize their thoughts and wants. Demands of peer pressure should always be secondary. Kids should be taught tips about saying no when required and staying away from peers who pressure them to do things that they are not comfortable doing or dangerous. Children should always feel comfortable in consulting any adult they trust if they have a problem resisting peer pressure. The parents and teachers should pay attention to the kids to communicate with them if they face any difficulties.

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