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A long time ago a famous guru used to teach in his monastery. but here the method of teaching was somewhat different the guru believed that true knowledge can only come by silence and thats why there was a but there was also an exception to this rule on completion of ten years a disciple could speak two words to the guru. after spending the first ten years a disciple reached the guru the guru knew that today his ten years have been completed he gestured the and thought in his mind who complains even if he gets a little chance from where he can get knowledge. friends many people spend their lives in complying or complaining and miss their target like that disciple. the disciple waited the first ten years only to be told that the food was dirty if he wanted in this time he could learn to cook himself and make good food for himself and other people could change things this is what we should do we should work towards correcting things instead of teaching. and instead of completing the complan he was a young lion who had just started hunting. but due to lack of experience he had not been able to hunt a single person yet. after every unsuccessful attempt he would become depressed and even the hyena that was moving around from above would have fun by ridiculing him. shera roared angrily at them where they were going to be scared they would laugh more loudly dont pay attention to them the rest of the groups lions advise. how should i not pay attention every time i go to hunt an animal the sound of these hyena sounds roars in my mind said shera. sheras heart was getting smaller she started thinking of herself as an unsuccessful hunter and started thinking of not trying to hunt further. i will not kill you i just want to send a message to you and critics like you. your ridiculing could not stop me it just made me more excited to be a good hunter you got nothing by ridiculing me but today i rule this forest. go i spared your life go tell your sly companions that yesterday they used to make fun of me today they are their king.  there is no shortage of people who can count your shortcomings in this world you will be met with many critics who doubt your ability your skills and ability to do something will make fun of you. if you back out of fear of these critics then you let them win but if you persevere try again and again keep improving yourself then one day you win.

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