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Learning new skills at any age reaps a huge amount of benefits, such as increasing our sense of accomplishment and personal growth. But, the most important thing to remember is that we all are different when it comes to learning new information and skills. This means that people have the potential to excel with different cognitive abilities and therefore, learn effectively in completely different ways. Understanding your learning technique and utilizing it will allow you to become more knowledgeable on the subject you are learning. Once discovered, make this your main source of learning, making sure you throw in some alternative ways for optimal results. With this in mind, here are some of the most effective ways for retaining information and gaining the skills that you have learned. Memory tactics. Memorizing information can come more easily to some than others. If you struggle with retaining key points, then improving your focus is one way of dealing with this. Many studies have shown that listening to certain type of music not only increases productivity but also helps to focus the mind and retain information. You must also pay attention to how you structure your time. Structured study sessions over a period of time allows you to process the information more adequately. Our brain grasps more information through small regular sessions than one long marathon. Relatable learning. Relating and applying what you have learned is an effective way to understand new information. By doing this, you allow your brain to see connections through experience and previous knowledge, thereby allowing the new information to stick in your mind. Explain what you have learned to someone else. Another great method is to explain the new information to someone else. Doing this, reinforces what you have learned in your mind, allows you to pinpoint any gaps in information that you may not have understood, and helps you translate the information into your own words and in a way that others can understand. This is an effective way to test whether or not your techniques are working for you. Start a blog, create a presentation or participate in discussions on the subject to solidify your knowledge. Try different methods of learning. Do not limit yourself to just one method of learning. The brain needs stimulation and even if one method is very effective, you can run the risk of getting bored. This is the point where your motivation level can drop down. Therefore, it is advised to practice your leaning method while mixing it up with reading, watching related video clips, practical sessions, and explaining it to others. To become more knowledgeable in your chosen subject and learn effectively, your leaning method must include a variety of verbal and visual parameters. Always remember that becoming an efficient learner takes time. So, be patient with yourself and focus on one method at a time to allow yourself to find out what suits you. Motivation is key. Do whatever you can to keep your motivation level high.  

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