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Leadership is one of those characteristics of a successful person that is never inherited but
learned and imbibed. It can safely be said that having leadership skills is important to run
this world. Leadership is defined by how well one leads a team into the goals and objectives set by them. Leadership is also defined by the clarity and quality of goals that they set for their followers. It is not easy being a leader. A leader is simply not someone who will please everyone on their way. A leader is someone who has the courage and intent of mind to take tough decisions even if it means harm to their popularity but is in the direction of fulfilling the goals for a greater good. Not all leaders are loved by their followers. There will always be some in the population who will not be happy with the leader or their decisions and style of leadership. If a leader tries to please everyone in the population then they will become gullible and be known as a weak leader. When you see a strong leader on television or hear their speeches elsewhere you will always see them oozing with confidence and vigour. This is an important trait that every leader should have. If a leader themself is not confident about their decisions then how can they expect their followers to have confidence in them.
To be a good leader they should be aware of all the human idiosyncrasies and spectrum and complexities of life in society. They should be empathetic and at the same time should havethe ability to take strong and necessary decisions even if it means they will become
unpopular.  Troubling and conflicting times are what makes for a good leader. Source of
inspiration from a leader can come from various domains and corners of their life be it their
persona or background or competency. Nelson Mandela inspires his followers because of all the sacrifices that he made in his life. Barack Obama inspires his followers by his humble beginnings. Mahatma Gandhi inspires his followers by his beliefs and principles. There should be a Unique Selling Point in a leader for his or her followers to get inspired and motivated. A leader needs to have a clear cut clarity of mind. The decisions they take are based on their intentions and objectives. There can be many hurdles that they might face during the journey but nevertheless they should not lose clarity and focus on the goal that they are trying to achieve. A clear cut clarity will give a sense of confidence among the
followers and make them feel that their leader knows what they are doing. A leader is
someone who will inspire and give a sense of purpose and direction to their followers. A
leader will have to face many hurdles in life from various sections including their own
followers. But there comes a point where a leader should choose between their followers
and achieving goals for collective good. And that is where the true test for a leader comes
into the picture. The ability to inspire people and make them fall in love with their
ideologies and goals is a testament for a good leadership quality especially when there are
troubling times during their tenure.

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