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A bad student ( long story )

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A long time ago, when there was a boy named Carl. He was a student in English School called ELS. Carl was a bad student. Everybody hated him. He would do everything to make people around him mad. He knew how to push everybody's buttons and when person would get mad at him, Carl would humbly bow his had and would say, "I'm sorry sir... I didn't meant to..." But nobody believed that he is truly sorry. His mom was an alcoholic that rarely was home. He didn't like to go back home. He was always dirty and half of the buttons on his cloths was missing. He would play with other kids until dark and sometimes sleep over at his friend's houses. His dad died when Carl was two years old. Carl didn't remember anything about him except the smell of the sweat and his hard, big hands.
One day Carl was exceptionally bad at school. He opened the ink bottle and set it on the edge of the table, rite on tope of the teacher's bag. Everybody knew how awkward is Mrs. Canister and when she sit at the table she bumped the ink bottle and in a second her bag was nicely covered by this black ink. The homework papers that Mrs. Canister needed to grade for the next day was also destroyed by ink. Mrs. Canister knew right away who did it. She was so mad at him. She didn't say anything and she took him by his hand and literally dragged him in the furnace room. This room was in basement of the school. Kids hated this room because it was dark and very scary. It did smell like an old mattress and it look like the janitor had some fun ones in a wile there. It was rumors going on among students that there is a bogeyman. But it's could be because the janitor made all sorts of funny noises when he was drunk.
Mrs. Canister was a big woman and she has some kind of heart problem, so she went home sick. No one knew that Carl was still downstairs!
Everybody forgot him! That was on Friday, that evening the janitor locked up the school. Then the janitor turned off all the lights. But Carl was scared of the dark. It's was so dark, he couldn't see anything. He heard a squeak. It was a rat. He was scared of rats. He tried to find the door in the dark. He crawled up the stairs. A rat went down the stairs across Carl's hands. He screamed. When he finally found the door, it was locked.
On Monday, they remembered him. They unlocked the door, but they couldn't open it. Carl's body was in the way. He was dead. His eyes were wide open, his mouth was like a scream, and his fingers were bloody. Carl had tried to claw his away out.
People say that Carl's ghost has still here at ELS. Kids have heard some strange noises from the furnace room, but their parents say it's just rats.

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