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春夏秋冬 - sumika | (Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter))

created Jul 6th 2023, 08:38 by Hashem



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Cherry blossom season prediction was in vain
Heavy rain scattered their petals
April breeze
It feels a bit cold
and night is still so long
The remaining of dampen firework sticks
are waiting for their turns inside the closet
I'm sensitive to smoke
But your happy face
was coming to my mind
I carefully read the book
Trying to imitate your habit
And before I realized,
Autumn was fast asleep
on my lap
I hate being in cold
But we share warmth
Until it's uncommon for
me to not hate
this freezing season
"Thank you!"
All of them are still here
"I'm sorry."
"I miss you so much"
Still remain as they were before
I'm so happy
I'm so lonely
But I left them all behind  
I'm yearning for you
I'm suffering without you
But I can't say it anymore
Once the wind blows,
I'll recall you again
Spring, summer, fall, winter
will turn around
Taste of food
Color of flower
Natural sweet scent
It's not number
that you've etched  
into my sense of touch
but the warmth of your body
Even in my eardrums Ah
It's so special Ah
You've changed all my five senses  
into another thing
I know, it's too late
This and that still left unsaid
"Thank you!"
All of them are still here
"I'm sorry."
"I miss you so much"
are growing in my heart
I'm so happy
I'm so lonely
I've put them into words
I'm yearning for you
I'm suffering without you
have become so precious for me
Once the wind blows,
and you'll make me rush
I shall go
It's my turn now
Even thousands times
Even ten thousands times
It's fine to recall it over and over
As a preparation for the next season
that will come thousands times more
Ten thousands times more
Spring comes
Summer comes
Autumn comes
Winter will come
And then, it's spring again
And the next, it's spring again
With your new self,
in the spring that finally comes

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