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petrol prices are hiked

created Jan 30th 2023, 15:56 by krushnakant ghule



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 Nowadays petrol prices are hiked day by day due to lack of
fossil fuel. The IC Engine-powered vehicles are faded in the future.
We all know that Internal Combustion engines in vehicles are so
successful in terms of driving. But the major problem is it creates lots
of noise and air pollution. And in the future, there is no fossil fuel left
on earth. The reason is the high demands for petrol and diesel every
day. The entire world is trying to find an alternative to internal
combustion-powered engine vehicles. Electric Vehicles is one of the
alternatives to IC Engine-powered vehicles. It uses one or more
electric motors for propulsion.
The power source for electric vehicles may be batteries, solar
cells, fuel cells or an electric generator. The major advantage of
using electric vehicles is it does not create noise pollution. The
problem of air pollution is reduced by the use of electric vehicles.
The government also promoting the use of electric vehicles amongst
the peoples.
Most electric vehicles used lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion
batteries have a higher energy density, longer life, and the highest
power density as compared to the other batteries. The prices of
lithium-ion batteries are also affordable and it saves the cost of
electric vehicles.

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