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The difference between the greatest leaders, high achievers and productive employees is that the leaders exhibit high performancehabits. They go beyond the limit to achieve more than what is expected. If you want to exhibit these attributes, you must develop thefollowing habits. Clarity. Find out what you want from life, where you want to be, how you want to relate with others and what can helpyou to become significant in life. Establish your vision and purpose in life. Then, focus on activities that align with your internalstandards. Clarity simplifies living. However, to achieve clarity, you need to be highly committed to your goals. High performers seekclarity more than the average individuals. If you want to be exceptional, seek clarity and learn how to stay on the true path. For instance,exceptional individuals do not wait for the year to end to assess their performance. They evaluate themselves daily. If you also practicethis, it will help you to sift out distractions and consistently focus on what is relevant to your goals. Momentum. Your mental energydetermines your posture and success in life. Momentum can position you to stay ahead in life. It does not just help you achieve your goalsbut also creates a chain effect where everything falls into place in your life. So, you must think of generating momentum in life just as thehigh performers do. The secret behind the unceasing energy level of high performers is the fact that they have gained control oftransitions. They can quickly take a break, meditate or close their eyes to release their tension and align their focus on the importantactivity. If you want to retain your efficiency all through the day, learn how to embark on psychological breaks every forty five to sixtyminutes. This might be tough to implement, but try to plan your day in chunks. Influence. Nobody attains significance in isolation. Greatperformers have a habit of influencing people who surround them. They understand that their success will be limitless when they impactothers positively. High performers teach others how to think and challenge them to take responsibility for their lives. This is how theydevelop influence. You can change your life by teaching people how to think smart and asking them questions that provoke thoughts.Courage. Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that empowers an individual to confront danger and pain without being afraid. It isstanding up when others are giving up. It is taking action when others lose guts. High performers stand for themselves and communicatetheir ambitions than the average people. They not only speak for themselves, but they also speak for others. They are not afraid to sharetruths about themselves. Not only that, they understand that struggle is fundamental to success. They pursue their ambition knowingthat it would not be easy. If you want to be a high performer, you must be courageous. Focus on who you are doing it for and work hardto achieve your goal. This will inject you with the courage that you need.

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