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The use of solar panels in increasing, and state support is increasing. When consumers choose to install solar panels, we must understand the value and principle of solar panel power generation. Here, we will present it to you. What is the principle of solar panel power system? The sun shines at the semiconductor junction to form a new hole-electron pair. Under the action of the PN junction electric field, the hole flows from the N field to the P field, and the electron flows from the P field to the N field, and the current is formed after the circuit is turned on. This is the principle of solar panels with photoelectric effect. First, solar power generation There are two methods of solar in generation, one is light conversion method, and second is light-electric direct conversion method. The light-heat-dynamic-electric conversion mode generates electricity using thermal energy generated by solar radiation. Typically, the solar collector collects the absorbed heat energy into the working medium vapor, and then drives the steam turbine to generate electricity. The former process is the light-to-heat conversion process: The latter process is the heat-to-dynamic conversion for the final conversion process, similar to ordinary thermal power generation. The disadvantage of solar thermal power generation is that the efficiency is very low and the cost is high, and its cost is minimal and it is 5 to 10 times more expensive than normal thermal power stations. Light-to-electric direct conversion method This method uses the photoelectric effect to convert solar energy directly into electrical in The basic devices for photoelectric-electrical conversion are solar cells. The solar cell is a device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy due to the photovoltaic effect. It is a semiconductor photo diode. When the sun shines on the photo diodes, the photo diodes convert solar energy into electrical energy. Present. When several batteries are connected in series or parallel, they can become a class of solar cells with relatively large out power.   

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