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In the modern era, both these things are being seen very widely. Let the uneducated people go. Even educated people do not hesitate to do the biggest harm to others for their own good selfishness. Big engineers take money from contractors and pass such buildings which fall within a few years. Sometimes funds are sanctioned for buildings that are never constructed. In this way, in the goods purchased by the departments, such goods are taken which are worthless. This corruption is not limited to any country and abroad, but it is in every area of ? public life, due to which crores of rupees of the country are wasted, in the modern era, this corruption is spoken everywhere. and create a situation of social disintegration by encouraging a sense of self-confidence. There is no area of ??our life where this form of corruption is not seen. We have already mentioned that corruption is very widespread in the life of the people in India. There are many reasons for this corruption. Here we are briefly discussing some of the main reasons. Special Importance of Artha In the present age, the importance of money has exceeded everything. Nothing is left more than money. Respect for the person who has money is very necessary to get the prestige in the society, so all the people try to earn more and more money, if they are not able to get it by proper means, then there is little in adopting the means of corruption. Don't hesitate either. High and low gulf in India The high and low gulf exists deeply in India, some people are very rich and some are poor. The rich do not worry about the loss of the poor in increasing their income continuously. There are some employees who get low wages, if they do not adopt the means of corruption, then they can also fill their stomach.

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