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As you all know the reason behind calling each one of you and organizing this speech ceremony. The occasion is special as the position of Vice Chairman of our company which was lying vacant from so long has been filled. The position of vice president is really important as the person being gaiven the role has to proactively participate in the policy building and both internal as well external affairs of the company. And I am glad that the relentless efforts of our HR Department to find a suitable candidate for the position have finally yielded favorable results.
Having finished his graduation in Economics from D School of Economics he went on to pursue his post graduation studies from New Zealand. Thereafter he began working as the expert panelists in the Company.
He will be joining from next week onwards and today was simply his orientation part. Also we would like him to become familiar with the working environment of our company and get to understand the core operations before actually getting into the formation of policies and handling the statistics department. Friends please make him feel comfortable and help him provide whatever is needed. Sir I am sure you would love working with us and enjoy the work culture of our office.
There are no stringent rules in our company as each and every employee can work in flexible working hours provided he she is able to finish his her respective tasks on time. The company doesnt believe in going against the interest of its employees rather it seeks creating a friendly and cohesive environment where without compromising with the work ethics the interest of the employees are also kept in mind to its optimum this is the reason why we have the high retention rate in our company.
I sincerely hope that your association with the company will prove to be fruitful and with the help of your expertise and knowledge we would be able to take our company to new heights. The President of our company Mr is on a foreign visit with respect to our companys foreign operations. As soon as he comes back you both will be working in close association but till the time we would expect you to take on his work responsibility and handle the core operations which require your immediate attention. Please feel free to reach out to anyone in case of any doubt or query we would be more than happy.

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