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Many paintings were kept in the basement of a big museum in the city. These were the paintings which did not find a place in the exhibition hall. For a long time, spiders had made a web on the paintings lying in the basement. A spider had painstakingly woven a large web on a painting lying in the corner of the basement. It was his home and it was the sweetest thing in the world to him. She took special care of him. One day the cleaning and maintenance work of the museum started. In this process, some selected paintings kept in the basement were kept in the exhibition room of the museum. Seeing this, many spiders living in the basement of the museum left their web and went elsewhere.
But the spider in the corner painting did not leave its web. He thought that not all the paintings would be taken to the exhibition hall. This painting may not even be taken away.   After some time, more paintings were picked up from the basement. But even then the spider thought that this was the best place for me to live. Where can I find a better place than this? She was not ready to leave her house. So he did not leave his net.
But one morning the museum staff started taking away the painting kept in that corner. Now the spider had no option but to leave his web. If she did not leave the net, she would have been killed. With a quenched mind, he left his net made with such hard work. After leaving the museum, she wandered here and there for several days. He had to face many problems. She used to be very sad that God took away her beautiful house from her and pushed her into this trouble.
She thinks about her old house in the museum and becomes sad that she will never get a better place than that now. But he had to find a place to live on. Thats why she kept trying. Finally one day she reached a beautiful garden. There was a quiet corner in the garden, which the spider liked very much. He started working hard again and in a few days made a beautiful web than before. This was his most beautiful house ever. Now she was happy that whatever happened was good, otherwise she would never have been able to live in such a beautiful house in such a beautiful place. She happily lived there.

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