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The importance of women has remained untouched since the time of creation. It is impossible to imagine the development of humanity in the absence of women who are completely capable of creation. In the constitution of society, women have many forms like mother, beloved daughter and wife. She is a goddess in equal circumstances and Durga Bhavani in adverse circumstances. He is a wheel of the cart of society. Without which life is crippled. Satris complement each other in the Srishti Chakra. If we look at the history of mankind, then it will be known that in life, in all the fields of family, political literature, religious, there has been dominance of man over woman from the beginning. Taking advantage of this superiority and power, the man has committed arbitrary atrocities on the female caste. He hijacked the freedom of woman and made her subordinate. Instead of a companion or companion, made her unsuitable and herself her husband, Swami Nath became the guide and the real God. Thus the position of women in the history of mankind has become pathetic. Her life stream is only a reward flow between the desert and the green garden, if we explain the nature of female life in ancient Indian society, then we will know that in the intellectual period, women were given an important place. She used to work closely with men in all fields, social, religious and spiritual. Many women like Romasa and Lopamudra composed the sutras of Rigveda. Queen Kekai went to the battlefield with King Dasharatha to help him, the importance of women was untouched even in the Ramayana period, Tretas Yuga. In this era, Sita Anusuiya and Silochana etc. became ideal women. In the Mahabharata period i.e. Dwapar Yuga, women started walking shoulder to shoulder with men in family social and political activities. The central point of operation was Draupadi, Gandhari and Kunti was the power of this age. Modern Woman With the coming of the modern era, the sense of female consciousness was awakened excellently. A comprehensive approach towards the woman suffering from the tales of the era began to adopt a comprehensive approach. Raja Ram Mohan Roy in Bengal and Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in North India raised the voice of revolution to free women from the shadow of male incest. The speech of many poets is also observable for the sympathy of these sad women. Poet Sumitranandan Pant demanded women's freedom in three voices. Liberate the woman, the human eternal woman, born from the pure prison of the ages, to everyone's beloved. Often, not everyone gets a chance to speak standing in front of the public, but we all talk in groups or between our family friends, colleagues, classmates etc. How to communicate is also an art.

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