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Allow waves to crash upon the shore. Allow people to be who they are, as they are, including you. Allow clouds to stream across the sky. Allow the rising sun to push darkness away. Right now encompasses everything there is. And here you are, able to know it, to live it, and to even improve upon it. With gratitude for all of existence, you can let life flow. With purpose and love, you can add your own warmth and goodness to that flow. Reflect for a little while on the limitless nature of reality and possibility. Remind yourself it's a realm in which you have the good fortune to act as a positive force. Allow the noise, confusion and anxiety to fade completely away. Fill yourself with appreciation for the immense potential of right now and live it in the best way you can imagine. Truth has little need of elaborate explanation. The fewer words you can use, the more meaning they have. Speak what you know to be true. And there will be no need to hide your thoughts behind your words. Words have little meaning if there is no conviction to support them. When your words come directly from who you most sincerely are, they carry with them great power. Do not make the mistake of attempting to deceive others with what you say. For once your words are found to be insincere, you will have great difficulty being taken seriously again. Words are easy to say. Yet for those words to have any meaning or power, they must closely match the reality of your actions and your being. Speak clearly, truthfully, with respect and humility.

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