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There are seven wonders in this world, one of which is also Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal of Agra is considered a symbol of India's pride and love. Agra, the third major district of Uttar Pradesh, is historically very important. Taj Mahal is a very attractive and famous natural scene that looks like a historical place. It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is situated in a very beautiful place in a very large area, with a river on its back. It looks like heaven on earth. It is made using white marble.
It is located on the banks of Yamuna River in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is a very beautiful tomb built by Shah Jahan of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. In ancient times, Shah Jahan was a king and his wife was Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan loved his wife very much and he became very sad after her death. Then he decided to build a big tomb in memory of his wife. And he built the Taj Mahal, which is one of the seven wonders of the world today.
The Taj Mahal is located just behind the Agra Fort, from where the king used to visit the Taj Mahal regularly in memory of his beloved wife. Thousands of people come to Agra every year to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal. It was created by hard work by many artists and craftsmen. The Taj Mahal looks very beautiful in the moonlight at night.
It is located in Agra. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is the most beautiful building made of white marble. It feels like a dream paradise. It is charmingly made and adorned with royal beauty. It is one of the amazing nature's beauty on earth. Under the dome is the tomb of both the king and queen in the dark chamber. Some verses of the Quran are written using pieces of glass on its walls. It has very attractive four towers at its four corners. In fact, Taj Mahal is a wonderful creation of the country. It is calculated in 7 wonders of the world. Not only Indians, people of other countries also get fascinated by its beauty. As long as this wonderful building exists in this country, the pride of ancient Indian architecture and workmanship will also be preserved.
After his death, the king became very sad and spent a lot of money, life and time building the Taj Mahal. He used to see the Taj Mahal daily from the fort of Agra in memory of his wife. The Taj Mahal is located in a very large and wide area in the city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the seven most beautiful buildings in the entire world and the seventh is known as Ajuba.  

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