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Maharishi Valmiki was a great sage of Satyuga. He is the first poet of our country. He invented his first verse on the banks of the river Ganges.  He is very famous for his leading role in Uttar Kand. Through the events of his life, he has told us about discipline in life and the way to live life. Maharishi Valmiki was born in a Hindu family of Bhrigu gotra. It is said that in his early life he was a dacoit, whose previous name was Ratnakardah. He did not show any mercy to people, he used to rob people and kill them. He used to do this for his family, because his family was very poor, who could hardly get even two meals a day. Once he tried to rob and kill the great sage Narada for his familys food. When Narada saw him doing these sinful acts, he asked him the reason for doing so. Ratnakardah said that he does such work for his family. So the great sage Narada asked him if your family would share the result of your sins in this sinful act. Ratnakardah replied yes, but Narada told him that you should first confirm this with your family. When Ratnakardah went to his house and asked his family members if they would all share his sinful act, every member of his family refused to share their sinful acts. Then Ratnakardah came to know the real meaning of life. He went back to Sage Narada and asked for his forgiveness, then Sage Narada told him the mantra to walk on the path of salvation, which would lead him to salvation. Where did Narada tell him that Rama does not say that he is a sinner, but he can chant his name Mara. Ratnakardah chanted this mantra for many years and finally Lord Rama was pleased with him, who was an incarnation of Vishnu, and since then Ratnakardah came to be known as Valmiki.  

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