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A healthy man has a priceless wealth. It is the responsibility of the person to maintain it. But when his health deteriorates, he has to seek the help of a doctor. The doctor gives him proper medicine and advice. By following the instructions of the doctor, the person gradually starts recovering. The doctor has a lot of respect in the society. His place is bigger because he gives new life to the person. He helps a lot in keeping the individual and the society disease free. The doctor is well versed in the medical system, so he is able to give proper advice to the patient. He not only gives medicine to the sick person but also tells him a healthy routine. He tells a healthy person what kind of diet he should take so that he can stay away from diseases.
In the modern era, due to urbanization and pollution, there has been an outbreak of new diseases. Infectious diseases have been controlled but the outbreak of diseases related to AIDS, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental stress has increased.
Is. With the spread of various diseases, the demand for doctors has also increased. In modern medical science, doctors first diagnose the disease and then treat it. They examine the patients stool, urine, blood, heartbeat, etc. so that the proper diagnosis of the disease can be done. Nowadays, technical equipments like microscope, stethoscope, X-ray, ECG, ultrasound are being used extensively to check the disease.
Doctors are in demand all over the world. They are posted in hospitals and dispensaries. Many doctors run their own private hospitals. Hospitals have modern medical facilities, the use of which helps doctors a lot in treating. There are veins in the hospital to help the doctors. The nerves feed the patient and take care of him.
The doctor gives proper advice to the pregnant woman. They take measures for the safety of the mother and the child. They start vaccinating the newborn child. They rescue the person injured in the accident. Those infectious diseases! Vaccination campaigns are conducted to prevent the spread of They admit serious patients to the emergency room and give them intensive treatment. The patient is kept in the hospital until he gets better. Human sensitivity is very important in the doctors profession. Along with medicine, the patient also needs care and sympathy. Empathy is related to the mind, when the mind gets the proper dose, then the body recovers quickly. Therefore, it is the duty of the doctor to treat the patient with human sensitivity and empathy. He dealt sympathetically with the mentally ill. He should not only look at money but also religion. Religion advises the person to experience the suffering of the afflicted person.
Medicine is getting expensive day by day. In such a situation, poor people are unable to get their proper medical treatment. Doctors should be ready to treat the poor. His attention should be towards the right treatment instead of treating the patients quickly.   

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