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Growing a tree can be quite difficult. It may be confusing trying to determine the essential considerations that are needed to help grow
your trees efficiently and successfully. If you are looking for help to care for a new tree, it is unlikely that you have started it from a seed
or a seedling. Most new trees intended for landscaping that have been uprooted from a nursery and carefully cared before being bought.
In any case, young trees are much more like what is called transplant shock. This shock happens because transplanted trees can lose up to
ninety percent of their root systems when they are moved. Smaller trees do better when they are transplanted. For every inch of tree
diameter, it needs a year of recovery time. The bigger a tree is when it is moved, the more of its root system has been lost and the more
time it will take to re establish itself. Let us talk about the basics every growing tree needs. Soil. When we talk about soil, we are first and
foremost talking about location. The ground that your tree is planted in will have a massive effect on its development. That means before
you place a new tree, you need to make sure that the location you are choosing will be right for its better health. Sunlight. Photosynthesis
is the process of the conversion of light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar. In other words, photosynthesis
allows sunlight to give your tree the ability to produce food. When a tree leave is shaded and is not provided with enough sunlight, the
number of leaves and sugars produced will decrease. Each tree depending on its species will need a distinctive amount of sunlight. When
a tree is deprived of sunshine, it is a critical situation as the ability to produce food is reduced or completely diminished and your tree
may not survive. Watering. Most essential thing for establishing a new tree than nutrients in the soil is water. A new tree needs to focus all
of its energy on getting set. Growth nutrients will stress the tree, which does not need to produce more leaves or fruit. However, those
shocked roots need water and lots of it. You will have to water your new tree until it is established, which can take months. New trees will
need to be watered every day as they lack their feeder root or taproot. After two weeks, they may do well with being watered every other
day. It is important to note that it is also easy to over water a new tree and kill it that way. You need to pay attention to what you can see.
If your new tree loses more than half of its leaves, it might be an indication that you are watering too much if you are watering every day.
Brown leaves usually mean the tree is not getting enough water especially if they start to brown around the margins. The surface of your
soil can not tell you very much as it can be wet when several feet down it is too dry and vice versa.

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