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The freshwater dolphins in Bangladesh are only decreasing in number. Over the  last few years mainly for man made hazards. The Halda alone has lost 27 dolphins, belonging to Platanista Gengetica, in the last three years. The Halda researcher identified fishing nets, propellers of mechanized boats, decreasing water level of upstream due sluice gates and dams. and industrial pollution as some of the main reasons why the dolphins were dying.  
we conducted first autopsy of a dolphin in 2018 where we saw the injuries caused by sharp propeller, Later, we requested authorities to ban plying of mechanized boats in the river which were compiled with by the government in the same year. According to his research,Kibria said, he found 166 dolphins through direct sighting at the Halda. He was now conducting a survey using solar and GPS system to get exact figure of the mammals. In the wake of such scenario, the world is observing International Freshwater Dolphin Day today. Losing number river gorges due to grabbing and sedimentation, low water level in water, increasing traffic of vessels in the water bodies have led the species to get enlisted as endangered species, he said . Still the dolphin has optimum population to be conserved in the Padma, the Jamuna, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra and the Karnaphuli, the Halda, the Poshur rivers, he hoped.
Mihir Kumar Dey, conservator of Bangladesh Forest Department, said the Dolphin Conservation Action plan would provide a roadmap on how to conserve the endangered species which is an important part of river ecosystem.

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