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Tugas Mengetik UAS 1

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The service sector is an industry with many components of the economy and management. Commercial companies, individual entrepreneurs, and businessmen carry out their activity in this area. New opportunities and forms of ownership appear: The Internet, network marketing etc. Therefore, accountants have many problematic situations.
Manufacturers of goods are qualitatively differing from service companies: they basically have material value, while a service is an intangible item, an abstraction, a certain set of actions. Thus, in the service sector is carried out by nomenclature, and is a subject to the requirements of the tax system and is not tied to the cost of materials or production.
Accounting of third-party organizations' services is required for each company that uses the support of other enterprises. It can be as domestic support as health services. Accountant's work area also affects legal entities using the assistance of notaries, lawyers, and external financial specialists.   

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