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Nature is like our mother who takes care of us completely and does not ask anything from us in return. Without nature we do not exist on earth. Nature includes all the living and non living components of the earth. Nature is full of innumerable colors of nature. The love of nature on man is shown by nature. We get all the basic needs of life such as air, water, fruits and flowers, medicine, vegetables from nature. The two most important elements for survival, heat and light, are also obtained from nature. The relationship between health and nature is unique. Nature reduces negative thoughts and stress of the mind and brings peace, joy and coolness to the mind. By living in the shadow of nature, the body becomes disease free. Nature is our precious asset. Every form of nature like plants, animals, rivers, mountains, moon, sun and much more holds equal importance for us. Absence of one element is enough to create havoc in human life. In the present time, due to the selfish activities of human beings he is suffering a lot. Indiscriminate felling of forests is taking place to promote technology. Depletion of forests is causing depletion of natural resources. Nature teaches us qualities like tolerance, consistency selfless spirit. If we want that our future generations can also enjoy and take advantage of this priceless property for this we have to save nature from now on. It is our religion and responsibility to protect nature. If the planet Earth has any attraction, it is only nature. Nature is defined as the natural earth and the things that exist on it or any person or thing. Trees, forests, birds and animals are all examples of nature. Nature is the most important and integral part of our life. Emerson says, Nature is beautiful because it lives, moves, reproduces.
Nature is called our real mother because all the main needs of our life like water to drink, air to breathe, fruits, fruits and vegetables provide us mother nature. We grow up playing in the lap of nature. Nature is also useful for our peace of mind and ultimate happiness. Even after giving so much, nature does not ask us for anything in return. Nature is full of innumerable colors of nature. Nature consists of all living and non-living components. Nature can also refer to the phenomena of the physical world and to life in general.  

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