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The Himalaya Mountains have been given a lot of recognition in religion. Himalaya mountain is also called Giriraj, it means abode of Shankar ji or Hari ji. Shankar ji did his penance sitting in the Himalayas, Shiva ji did his penance by sitting peacefully in the Himalaya mountain and concentrating his attention. It is said that the abode of Shiva is in the Himalayas. Many people go to see the Himalaya Mountains. There the place is worth seeing, the Himalaya Mountains amaze with beauty, enchanting and vast. The Himalayan mountain is considered the place of liberation of Pandavas and Draupadi, because it contains the popular stories of Draupadi of Pandavas in the Himalaya Mountains.  Many types of fruits, flowers, trees, plants, herbs, minerals, vegetable matter and other things are found in abundance on the Himalaya Mountains and many types of wild animals like tigers, bears, deer, rhinoceros are found in the forests of Himalaya Mountains. And other types of animals are also visible. The Himalayan mountain is also the source of many rivers and many rivers also come through the Himalayan mountain, the main ones being the Ganges, Yamuna, Yangtej and Brahmaputra rivers, the origin of these rivers is the Himalayan mountain itself. The Himalaya Mountains are the pride of our country, due to which tourists keep visiting our country. Himalaya mountain is a very beautiful mountain, to see which people from abroad also come to our country as tourists. The extent of the Himalayan mountain is very long, it is spread over a lot of places,
along with everything else inside the Himalayan mountain, there are many caves in which great sages have been fasting. It is always very cold in the Himalaya Mountains, due to which there is less movement, there is a valley in the Himalaya Mountains by the name of Kashmir Valley
 Many fruits and colorful flowers are seen in this valley of the mountain, which enhance the beauty of this valley. Kashmir This place is full of water, the beauty of Kashmir is made on sight, which attracts people. The Himalaya Mountains are highly regarded in religion. The Himalayan mountain is also called Giriraj which means the abode of Lord Shiva and according to the Puranas, Lord Shiva sits on the Himalaya mountain to do penance  Seeing the beauty and grand vastness of this mountain, it is said that Pandavas and Draupadi got liberation from the Himalaya mountain hence this Himalayan mountain is also given a lot of recognition on the basis of religions.  

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