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Water is very important in human life. Nothing is possible without water. Without water, mans life cannot be imagined. Water is found on Earth, hence it is called a unique planet of the universe. Due to water, today mankind has developed on earth. Humans animals all need water.
If the water is exhausted from the earth then no living organisms will be able to survive because all animals use water. It is a matter of concern that man through his commercial activities has endangered the water found on earth.
Like humans, tree plants also need water. Plants take water from their roots and all the branches carry water to the wives. Water is collected in the trunk of trees and plants. No plants grow without water. When there is no water, all the tree plants wither and dry up soon. All the types of vegetables we eat in fruits are derived from tree plants. Survival of tree plants is very important for the survival of man. Without water, all tree plants will dry up and there will be no crop.
Cultivation of basic grains like wheat, maize rice is possible only through water. If water disappears from the earth, then no crop will be able to grow and man will die of hunger.
Like humans, animals, birds and other animals also feel thirsty. Cow buffalo goat sheep lion bears, birds and other creatures also drink water. It is a thing without which no one can survive. There are only a few rare organisms that consume little water, but most animals and birds and animals use water.
The camel found in the desert is called desert ship because it can store up to 50 liters of water in one go and accumulate in its body and can survive without water for several days. But after those many days, if he does not even get to drink water then he will also die.
Water is a valuable resource. It should not be wasted in vain. All tanks should be repaired from which water keeps falling continuously. Too much water should not be destroyed while bathing. Water should be used as per the requirement.
 must be  and collected in a tank or pond. Water should not be destroyed too much while cleaning vehicles, vehicles and houses. The contaminated water should not be left in rivers and ponds districts. This contaminates the water and the fish and other animals inside it die.

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