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A Long Lost Dream - To Part ways with our own monsters

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There was once an era on Earth when Race, Religion, Caste, Sex and Status dominated  the minds of all people and nothing else dominated the society and its people. It was when we discriminated and hated people based on their religion, caste, race or their gender and status. In this era, we saw the two of the biggest wars ever waged on earth and for the first time we witnessed the devastating power bestowed by Science upon Humanity, The Nuclear Weapons. We hated the people based on their Nationality, Religion and Race. When the Religions tried the enslave the Logic and Reason and tried to make people submit to fear of the God, Atheism rose and overthrew the illogical reasoning of Religions. As the competition between the Religions grew more and more to dominate the lands and minds, many of the humans understood the futile nature of religions, they parted ways with communal hatred. Once we had killed each other in the name of religion, those who hated now joint hands. Whenever atrocities were performed on the basis of the caste of a person, A revolt to destroy the casteism rose and many of them got the opportunities that were taken from their ancestors and an era of casteism came to end.
When people understood the nature of politics and realized that all the hate between nations is illogical and motivated by political benefit, the point of view of people towards their enemy nation's people changed. When we realized that Wars have brought nothing but famine and death of countless innocent people, A World government was established, The United Nations for the peace and stability in the World.
With the advent of Internet, People became more and more aware of the truths behind politics, religions, caste, gender discrimination and geopolitics and parted ways with such hatred. Humanity took its first step towards a grand advance, we almost brought humans to equal footing and created a equal platform for all. We flourished in Science and Technology and created something that was unimagineable before. With advent of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and revolution in semiconductor industry we revolutionized the entire planet.  
But my fellow comrades of Humanity, The Hatred is once again upon rise, this time it is using the Internet to spread hate and orthodoxy in the minds of people. The monsters of our nightmare are coming back to haunt us, it is about time to part the ways our own monsters. And to live and flourish in the world where all of us are equal, At the moment we are facing serious threats from Nature. Humanity must stand together united to prevent the advent of these monsters which are eating the society from inside. It is time to put an end to Hate and bring an end to its Monsters.

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