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JANNY Han, very aptly remarked about planning, "I've always loved the first day of the school; firsts are best because they are beginnings."  I, being a teacher, too agree with the above quote. Planning is an integral part of school curriculum. When a new session begins from June, this month is marked for planning many activities that are conducted for students. ‘School calendar’ is the term used for date wise activities and events which provide guideline regarding important dates, celebrations and key days of the year. This academic planning provides opportunities for fun filled, interesting and skilful teaching learning process for students, parents, teachers and everyone alike. Every year, some days are followed and celebrated religiously like Teacher’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Veer Sawarkar Jayanti, NCC Day and many more. The objective behind this is to involve students and make them aware of the importance of these days. I always wonder why the academic planner fails to include days like World Kidney Day, National Organ Donation Day,  Anti-Tobacco Day. My conscience says that awareness regarding these days is equally important. The respected founder of our school Dr. Vikram Marwah Sir always ex-pec ted teachers to focus on character building of students because school is the place where children from the age of three to fifteen years spend many valuable hours of the day. So it is really essential on the part of teachers to make correct choice in planning school curriculum. My thoughts are rightly put in the given quote, Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later." Life is a very precious gift. Everyone should respect and should care for it. Today's youth is getting distracted and a victim of various addictions. Life and death is easy for them. So it is the need of the hour to spread awareness about National Organ Donation Day, World Kidney Day and Anti Tobacco Day. I am Sure that this will definitely play crucial role in the life of youth and they will start respecting life and will learn to take best care of it by getting rid of unhealthy habits. How many of us know about Nancy Sharma, a 32 year-old Software engineer? Her father decided to donate her body organs when a doctor declared her brain dead. It gave nine people a new life. I feel sharing such stories with young minds on National Organ Donation Day or World Kidney Day will surely render a sense of selfless service for saving lives of others. School days are the days we cherish most. Still we remember,  "Twinkle Twinkle Little star" a poem that we learn in pre-school. So if such days are included in a school calendar and celebrated every year, surely it will change the thought process of young minds. In 20th century, with research in all areas including medicine and technology, people can buy things from their mobile and get them delivered at home. Furthermore, people can return the goods if they are delivered damaged. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true for human life. God has gifted us with organs which are not manufactured in a factory. Let's keep them alive forever even after the death of a person. Let's celebrate these days like festivals and spread awareness on organ donation. It is very important to ingrain core human values in our basic learning process especially during the formative years of child to give strong foundation and help them make the correct choice in her or his life.  

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