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Is positive thinking an inherent characteristic of a person or can it (69) be developed in one's  
psyche?. The opinions differ in answering this vital question. Some people believe that it  
can be inherited from parents, and cannot be developed. Others believe that like other  
qualities it can be developed with proper practice and guidance. Still some others hold the  
opinion that it is hereditary to some extent but can be acquired to some degree. There is  
also a section of people, who believe that all depends on circumstances or luck. We need to  
adopt a scientific approach to find an answer to the above question. No one can get success  
every time even after making efforts, nor can one fail constantly. Moreover, success has  
different meaning for different people. For some students, getting 60 per cent marks is  
success, for others it may not be sufficient. In a competitive examination, success means  
getting selected, whatever the percentage of marks. As for inheritance theory, since  
positive attitude is not a physical feature but a mental faculty, it cannot be purely  
hereditary. It can be developed. Moreover, parents play a major role in developing this  
quality of a child. A child, who watches his parents working hard, having faith in success  
through their words, behaviour and body language, is likely to develop a similar attitude.
The children of short-tempered, over-cautious and nervous parents may assume similar  
characteristics when they grow up. Psychologists, therefore, prescribe a code of conduct for  
parents' behaviour in front of their children. They must exude confidence, self-belief and  
hope, especially in difficult situation, so that the children emulate these qualities. They  
must be taught the importance of being positive before, during and after the performance  
of a task. There is no better education for a child than watching his parents come out of a  
tough situation by means of earnest endeavours. Such success not only gives more joy but  
also increases self-confidence.

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